Jörg Hugo

Berlin Art Glas

hand blown glass, clear

Year: 2018

Bulb Spec: E27, 46 W

Cable Spec | Suspension:
Black, textile braided cable,
tightrope supported


The Lightbody Series investigates the role of typology in design and architecture. Existing typologies are decomposed, reassembled and modified based on the interacting forces of pressure and tension.

Lightbody1 visualises the process of production, by highlighting the different forces that act upon the material, whether they are forces of the material itself or external manipulations. That is why the outcome of this work aims to be a snapshot of the process of design and manufacturing.

The asymmetry of forces is the subject to this project and other works, in numerous geometrical investigations of materiality. It allows for the capturing a specific moment of the materiality, form and space. It also offers a moment of respect for the single object.